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Melanie Allana Reff, L/CPO

Mrs. Reff is a Florida State Licensed and Certified Prosthetist Orthotist who has been active in the field since 2002. She first became interested in the field over the course of multiple summers in her youth working as a camp counselor in New York state. Many of her campers had physical disabilities that didn’t slow them down, including children who used prostheses and orthoses. She marveled at how the children could adapt and adjust physically to what they were going through. She went onto complete her BS from the University at Buffalo and, obtained her prosthetic and orthotics and certifications from the Newington Certificate Program in Hartford, CT. Some of her areas of experience and interest include Pediatrics Orthotics, Geriatric Prosthetics, and other debilitating conditions.  Melanie enjoys working with people of all age groups and ability levels. When not assisting her patients, Melanie enjoys helping out at Scouts, weaving, and reading with her daughters.