Testimonials – Our satisfied patients say it best…

From the moment you enter one of our facilities, it becomes obvious that our dedicated professionals have one goal…meeting and exceeding your expectations. See what our patients have to say about their experience with
Bremer Orthotics & Prosthetics.

“Todd is the Amazing #1 Leg Man. In fact, everyone at Bremer Orthotics & Prosthetics is amazing! My new leg is ‘Beautiful’ because of Todd’s amazing, artistic ability! The front office ladies are always wonderful. Very, very helpful. Thanks everyone!”

~ Jennifer S.,
patient since 2015

“Bremer Orthotics & Prosthetics to me is the Best!
I would never go anywhere else, and I tell everyone about how great you are.” 

~ Shirley S.,
patient since 1997

“Thank you Todd for everything you have done for me since my amputation back in 2010. I could not have asked for things to go any better after making such a life changing decision. You were always patient with me and for that I’m very thankful, as I have learned that prosthetics requires a lot of patience.”

~ Jackie P.,
patient since 2010

“ I gave Bremer Orthotics & Prosthetics a challenging fabric to cover the prosthesis with and they exceeded my expectations! Todd was patient and great to work with.”

~ Angel-Marie A.,
patient since 2015

“Bremer Brace to me is the Best!!! I would never go anywhere else, and I tell everyone about how great you are.”

~ Shirley S.,
patient since 1997

“Everyone at Bremer Brace were very courteous. They went above and beyond the call of duty to make me comfortable; to adjust their schedule to mine; and even to allow me a rest period because I was in severe pain. Excellent care!”

~ Ellen W.,
patient since 2004

“The fitter did very well with any questions we had to ask. He also took the time with us that was needed. Everyone was very helpful.”

~ Donna L.,
patient since 1999

“Todd is an asset to the company. He is courteous and caring. I would recommend Bremer Brace to anyone.”

~ Charles M.,
patient since 2002

“Excellent work!! Thank you so much for all your extra efforts to make the brace more attractive.”

~ Jaci G.,
mother of patient

“Informative and pleasant. Great service.”

~ Jack J.,
patient since 2007

“Outstanding staff and service!”

~ Charles W.,
patient since 2002

“Todd is a very caring and understanding person who genuinely cares about the fit and comfort, and makes you feel at ease. I have had so many problems with fittings, and he got it right the first time.”

~ Sandra P.,
patient since 2007

“Wonderful treatment by all who work there.”

~ Wendy S.,
patient since 1998

“Bremer Brace is great! Todd really knows his job, and the office staff is wonderful.”

~ Jerri H.,
patient since 1993